Sell/Recap Side

Unlike smaller businesses, selling a SME mid-market company has its own special considerations. Calder has years of experience, as not only intermediaries and investment bankers, but as business owners of companies that have faced the same issues that you will likely face when selling your company.Calder’s best practice methodology in selling businesses involves a significant amount of legal, financial and market due diligence.

The experience and careful commercial consideration we put into each and every contract, means Calder’s professional team of Certified Business Intermediaries’ (CBI)  have a wealth of ‘how-to’ knowledge when it comes to addressing the issues that you will likely face when selling your company.

Selling your Business

A cornerstone in a business owner’s personal portfolio is the eventual sale of his or her company. The sale must provide the answers to a number of financial and professional objectives.

Calder will help you assess and determine the most appropriate strategy to help you fulfil your objectives, including:

  1. Buyout – A complete sale of the company’s assets, shareholder stock or member interests.
  2. Recapitalisation – A partial (minority or majority) sale of the company’s equity, in order to realise a liquidation event and/or further investment in the company and equity participation in surviving entities.

Calder understands and practices excellence in representing you and your company in the preparation for and eventual sale of your business. We understand you are selling your reputation, the excellence of your management team and employees, and the future opportunities your company can achieve.

Whether an asset or share sale is the required approach, Calder’s professionals will provide the expertise to guide you through the selling maze.

Our professional services include management of:

  • Business Valuation – Corporate assessment
  • Industry and competitive analysis
  • Offering Document Preparation
  • Locating and/or assessing buyers
  • Aid buyers in corporate overview assessment
  • Negotiate and develop Letters of Intent or Expressions of Interest
  • Procuring external intermediaries where required:
    • Lawyers
    • Accountants
    • Financial Planners
    • Other Professionals
  • Detailed negotiations
  • Due Diligence
  • Document review and preparation
  • Financing review and preparation
  • Miscellaneous buyer assistance
  • Closing and settlement
  • Post-closing follow-up

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