Business Strategy & Equity Growth Mentoring

Calder Associates offers business strategy & equity growth mentoring specifically designed for the business owner who wants to strategically build a business that can be sold for a premium.

These business owners want to focus on strategies that will maximise their sales and profitability in the short term, as well as enhancing the valuation of their enterprises in the longer term.

Our commercial experience on growing and selling privately held businesses makes us unique in our ability to provide knowledge and insight to help owners grow their businesses with succession and/or exit in mind.

The process diagram below provides an overview of core elements of our strategic equity growth process:


Our client engagements can span months or years, depending on the needs of the business owner. Our service combines strategic business analysis (business valuation opinions, strategic plans, etc.) with mentoring (facilitation, guidance, advice, problem solving, etc.). We can operate behind the scenes, or we can serve in a more visible role inside your organisation.

The relationship between a business owner and equity growth mentor is unique. Business owners often feel isolated when tough decisions have to be made. A business owner needs a thinking partner (mentor) — someone who understands them, their business and their goals, provides honest and unfiltered feedback, and helps weigh options and opportunities without being influenced personally by the impact of the decision.

In order to ensure that you have the information, expertise, advice and discipline to achieve your equity growth goals, Calder Associates provides services that are specifically designed to provide clarity, focus and support. They include:


  • Strategic Equity Growth Plan Development

Defining your goals and time-lines, determining current value and identifying value enhancements, provide a foundation upon which our Strategic Equity Growth are based. Our structured process for gathering and analysing the information includes interviews, a review of tax returns, financial statements, and related customer and operational information.

A Strategic Equity Growth Plan is then developed that serves as a roadmap for generating revenue and profits in the short term and increasing the equity value of the business in the longer term.

  • Strategic Business Planning and Implementation

While the Strategic Equity Growth Plan establishes a goal and roadmap for the business owner, these goals must be translated into a Strategic Business Plan.

Our process is streamlined to help you develop a Strategic Business Plan that can be used with employees and/or stakeholders to communicate strategic aims, objectives, initiatives, measures, targets, roles and responsibilities.

We can conduct planning sessions, write Strategic Business Planning documents and communicate the plan to employees.

  • Equity Growth Mentoring

Your plan for succession and/or exiting your business is a sensitive and confidential topic. You need a trusted mentor whom understands your goals, aims and objectives too help you think through the critical decisions that must be made in order to achieve your eventual succession and/or exit.

In our role as a mentor, our primary concern is to help you focus on making decisions that are aligned with your Strategic Equity Growth Plan.

Mentoring sessions, by phone or in person, provide an opportunity to review progress, determine priorities and develop critical next steps.

The regularly scheduled meetings also provide you with a framework for accountability that accelerates progress.