Business Buying Service

Even seasoned entrepreneurs that want to acquire a business often find that they need specialist help from commercially proven Business Brokers or M&A Professionals.

This help may include determining the requirements for an acquisition, targeting and locating a business that meets these requirements, and providing a sounding board to debate and discuss the many critical decisions that have to be made through the acquisition process.

Calder Associates is a  market leading expert in the sale and acquisition of privately held businesses. Individuals and corporations can leverage their success by utilising our buyer’s services, including when our current suite of business listings doesn’t meet their specific requirements.

Our business acquisition advisory, mentoring and analysis services are provided to accomplish a range of objectives including:

Our business acquiBuying the right businesssition advisory, mentoring and analysis services are provided to accomplish a range of objectives including:

  • Clarify objectives of a purchase
  • Define the target acquisition profile
  • Evaluate financial buying capacity
  • Educate the buyer on the buying process and issues to consider
  • Share and review current opportunities
  • Other methods to help prepare the prospective buyer to take the next steps
  • Move the transaction through to completion

We will conduct a complimentary 30 minute fact finding discussion which will help clarify the what, how and why you are seeking to achieve. This is followed by professional engagement and commercial analysis to critically review your purchase objectives, equity strategy and evaluate your financial capability as a buyer.

Please contact us to arrange your complimentary 30 minute fact finding discussion

In addition, our buyer’s services are designed to provide our individual and corporate buyers with customised services to develop and implement a strategic acquisition project.

These services include:

  • Conducting an extensive search and identifying specific business opportunities
  • Screening and valuing each targeted business offered for sale
  • Assistance in obtaining the necessary financing to facilitate the acquisition
  • Negotiating the best deal to ensure that you realise maximum value (once you are committed to buying a business)
  • Coordinating the due diligence process to make sure there are no surprises
  • Supervising all aspects of the transaction from initial search through to settlement/transfer.

Get started by downloading our e-book Buying a Business? Increase Your Odds of Success! and contact Calder for an initial complimentary confidential discussion about what you are seeking to achieve.