Business Valuation

Business valuations require a deeper review of a business, for the purpose of understanding its true Fair Market Value. Calder uses certified valuation professionals to assess a company, the crucial risk factors and value drivers that impact a business’s potential for sale, or, alternately, its value for legal issues that impact sole proprietors, partners and shareholders’ rights.

Valuations offered by Calder include:

Magnifying Glass plus Market Cap Chart in Newspaper

  • Mergers and Acquisitions
  • Sale or purchase of an existing business
  • Obtaining outside financing
  • Partner/owner Buy/Sell Agreements
  • Partnership dissolution
  • Family Court matters
  • Expert Witness services


Business valuations go beyond financial statements. They measure the complex relationship of a company’s performance, potential, organisational and uncontrollable factors that impact its ability to maintain a value as a “going concern.”

Value is determined as of a point in time, but reflects on data from a number of years and infers changes to performance based upon business operating conditions that will impact its future performance and return on investment.

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