Our Core Professional Services

Based on our analysis and extensive experience – including more than 100,000 M&A-related projects across a wide range of industries and countries – our Mergers and Acquisitions specialists believe that the key to successful M&A is a duplicatable model, which, when applied, can lead to substantial rewards.

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Calder Associates helps companies improve the likelihood of successful M&A through an integrated, market-tested approach that links acquisition strategy, due diligence, private equity, finance and merger integration.

Our strong M&A capability is based on the following key steps:

  • Corporate Strategy and Acquisition Strategy
    Develop a clearly articulated strategy and an M&A plan that reinforces that strategy. Strategy is Calder Associates’ core heritage strength, with more than forty years of experience helping companies develop time-tested strategies. We understand the types of business opportunity that create value and those that don’t.
  • Deal Thesis
    Invest with a thesis. Successful deals are guided by a meaningful deal thesis that is tied to a firm’s growth strategy and that spells out how the deal will add value to both the target and acquiring company.
  • Strategic Due Diligence
    Ask and answer the big questions. The best acquirers investigate targets with a nose for what’s really important, by identifying the key sources of ongoing value. Experienced acquirers know exactly where they can add value and are therefore able to set their own price – and to walk away if the price isn’t right.
  • Merger Integration Planning
    Integrate where it matters. No two integrations are the same and companies must carefully consider aspects from culture to technology in order to realise the full value of the deal.
  • Merger Integration Execution
    Isolate a short list of critical actions. Merging two companies requires rigorous follow-through on a long list of integration tasks, large and small. Doing both is hard. Part of the answer lies in a few powerful guiding principles: tailor the integration thesis to the business opportunity thesis, integrate where it matters, and act with deliberate speed. Calder adopts these principles.

Calder’s Mergers and Acquisitions specialists help companies build and execute on their own repeatable models for M&A. We apply our expertise to guide companies and management teams that are deciding on their corporate strategy through joint ventures and alliances or divestitures and separations.