At Calder Associates, we know manufacturing. The manufacturing landscape covers many different types of companies, and so does our experience. Rear view of workers at manufacture workshop operating machinesHere are some examples of manufacturing companies with which we have worked:

  • Conveyor belts and conveying systems
  • Paving materials
  • Custom-engineered metal alloys
  • Electronic instruments and devices
  • Custom dental appliances and fixtures
  • HVAC ductwork
  • Architectural ornamentation
  • Custom kitchen and bath cabinets

In addition, Calder staff members have decades of experience working for and consulting to manufacturing companies ranging in size from mid-market to multi-billion dollar multi-nationals in food manufacturing, textiles, consumer packaged goods (CPG), building materials, consumer electronics, telecommunications and more.Image result for manufacturing plant picture

Manufacturing businesses can be more complex than other types, and understanding those complexities is key to obtaining the best sale price and terms for your business. Whether it is the supply chain, statistical process control, the market value of plant and equipment, inventory obsolescence, post-sale field support, or other aspects of manufacturing, we leverage our knowledge for your benefit. To find out more, contact us today.