Human Resources

The education, training and human resource services industries are exploding and fragmented. This provides an optimal environment for mergers and acquisitions of mid-sized business in these sectors. If you are seeking to acquire or sell a business in these human performance categories, you already know that getting a deal done requires specialized knowledge and a vast network in the human performance industry segments.

Our team members are both experts in the education, training and human resource services markets, as well as the mergers and acquisitions of mid-sized companies. This gives us the insider’s edge in understanding the true value of proprietary products and content, technology innovations and synergies that can lead to accretive value post-merger or acquisition.

Calder Associates has expertise in a variety of business segments including:

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  • Professional and technical training
  • Online learning/rapid e-learning
  • Professional coaching and consulting
  • Corporate training and education
  • Outplacement services
  • Business schools (certification)

Our extensive knowledge and passion for working with human performance related companies ensure that our clients take advantage of this optimal opportunity for mergers and acquisitions within this industry. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you!