Financial Services

Calder Associates has assisted and advised financial services companies to grow, sell or obtain revenue infusions for many years. Whether the firms are directly related to accounting or financial advisory, or indirectly supply support services to those industries, Calder has a unique understanding of their nuances, business operations, and the value drivers which are attractive to investors and buyers.Image result for picture financial services

Calder has specific experience in working with many industries, either in M&A advisory work or through our professionals’ past experience. A sample of these industries includes:

  • Accounting
  • Financial advisory
  • Tax credit services
  • Insurance agencies
  • Tax advisory services
  • Credit counseling

Understanding the elements that drive continual business, and therefore add value to the entity, are key areas that Calder evaluates and markets during any sale or recasting effort. Optimizing value in businesses that have a large dependence on personal services can present challenges during the sale process.

To learn how Calder Associates can help you understand the key value drivers in your business, contact us.