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Construction and construction related services represent a major component of mid-market business sales in this country. By nature, they can be complex businesses that rise and fall with the changes in the economy.

Construction Worker

Accordingly, construction related businesses have specific characteristics, such as AIA billing, collection issues, hold backs, and others that make the evaluation and subsequent marketing more detailed and complex. Because these businesses can be both inventory heavy and possibly involve costly heavy equipment, the financial evaluation of their operations and financial return plays a significant role in the ability to recognize a favorable return on investment during any business sale.

Calder works with many construction-related and affiliate businesses, including:

  • Regional or national roofing/siding contractors
  • Construction material companies
  • Larger general contractors
  • Specialty contractors
  • Landscape design and construction companies
  • Millwork companies
  • Water and sewer remediation and construction
  • Wood and lumber companies
  • Larger plumbing companies
  • Heavy construction
  • Larger electrical companies
  • Paper products and paperboard mills
  • Building hardware companies

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