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Calder Associates is driven by its people. We are a diverse group of professionals with a few things that are always on our minds: passion for our work and continual service and concern for our clients. Select a member of the team from the list below to learn more about us.

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Business Agent Contact: John FitzGerald
Work Phone: +61-2-9844-5452
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John FitzGerald, MBA


John has spent over 30 years in a business career that is both extensive and diverse. He has been involved at all levels of business, for both industry and government, understands the conflicting priorities of business management and is an experienced project manager. John has been involved with all manner of commercial procedures, including the practical realities of developing, growing and sustaining a business.

In his role as a certified exit planning advisor, John is dedicated to cultivating the most advantageous solutions for business succession and exit strategies, thereby increasing business value and generating opportunities for personal and financial prosperity. His exceptional personal and interpersonal skills guide his clients through the passage of succession and sale, ensuring clarity, peace of mind and an ease of transition.

Serving his clients with their best interests at heart, he is in a crucial position to liaise in a mutually supportive way with their other professional advisors, thus creating additional opportunities to identify further needs, choices and concerns.

Exit planning is a very delicate procedure with no “one-size-fits-all” solution, but John’s expertise and previous experience enables him to maneuver through a maze of options in a logical and methodical fashion. His systems are comprehensible, transparent and easily scrutinised. His down-to-earth approach effects sound conclusions, based on conscientious analysis.

A trustworthy and steadfast advisor, John knows how to deliver significant, successful and life-changing results for Business Owners.